Ultra-low profile, clicky and noticeable
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Fabriqué en Allemagne
mécanique MX ULP
Tactile and audible switching characteristics
65 cN operating force
0.8 mm pre travel
1.8 mm total travel
> 50 mil. keystrokes
With Click
The characteristic of the MX ULTRA LOW PROFILE is not dissimilar to the MX BLUE, as it is also characterized by a tactile feedback. In addition, there is the unique "CHERRY click noise", which means that in addition to tactile feedback, there is also acoustic feedback. Thanks to the noticeable actuation force, the short travel distance and the extremely low height, the switch is suitable for applications such as notebooks, where fast reactions as well as reliable inputs in limited spaces are important.

Détails techniques

Mechanical properties
Actuation characteristic tactile
Force de fin 200 cN
Initial travel 0,8 mm
Total travel path 1,8 mm
RGB yes
Plunger color no
Spring Stainless steel
Contact system MX Gold Crosspoint